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About LRCA

Incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act in January 1975,  

aims to promote the Labrador Retriever breed, and to assist owners to enjoy their Labradors to the utmost.   It invites membership to any resident of the Province of Alberta interested in promoting the Labrador Retriever, and owning or planning to own a purebred Labrador Retriever.  

The Club follows CKC  rules and currently provides the following opportunities:

  • Shows and Trials in  Conformation,  Obedience, and  Rally Obedience.

  • - Field events of   Working Certificate and Hunt Tests.


The objectives of "The Labrador Retriever Club of Alberta" shall be: 


a) To promote the Labrador Retriever breed and to assist Labrador Retriever owners with training and competing  and to take pleasure in living with their Labradors.  


b) To maintain and continue to develop the Labrador Retriever breed standard as described by the Canadian  Kennel Club.  


c) To promote and develop the interest of all owners and/or fanciers of the Labrador Retriever in the prime  activities of the breed such as but not limited to; Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Rally and Obedience Trials, Agility,  Conformation Shows, Working Certificate Tests, Public Service and Tracking Tests;  


d) To ensure that the breeder/members of the Club maintain the highest ethical standards possible at all times  with strict adherence to the Code of Ethics as published by the L.R.C.A.;  


e) Through positive Public Relations and Education Programs, to encourage all owners and/or fanciers of Labrador  Retrievers to become members of L.R.C.A., so they may become more aware of sound breeding practices,  responsible ownership, and proper care and maintenance of the breed, thus ensuring the natural qualities of the  Labrador are maintained;  


f) To promote the interests of, and uphold the Bylaws of, the Canadian Kennel Club;  


g) To ensure that the Club will be conducted or operated for non-profit and any operating surplus or remainder  from dues, donations, etc, to the Club shall not serve to benefit of any one member or individual;  


h) To promote sportsmanship where members conduct themselves at all times in a manner which reflects credit  upon themselves and the breed regardless of the location or the circumstances, but especially while attending a  competition, whether as an exhibitor or as a spectator and at Club functions.


A Labrador in every home that has been purpose bred for health, performance and companionship consistent with the CKC Breed Standard.


Photo courtesy of Lyndon Szott

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