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LRCA Member Breeders

Purpose Bred Labrador Retrievers bred to the Canadian Kennel Club Breed Standard

LRCA Member Breeders are committed to responsibly breeding Labrador Retrievers consistent with the LRCA Code of Ethics. 

The LRCA recommends parent stock be registered, health tested and selected to improve within the breed. The LRCA does not enforce recommendations and puppy buyers should ask questions of the breeders they are considering.


Considering adding a Labrador Puppy to your family?!

Getting a new four legged family member is an exciting adventure and also a serious commitment! LRCA recommends prospective owners contact breeders directly to talk about their program, available puppies or sometimes adult dogs and learn about Labradors before making a life long commitment. This list of breeders is a great place to start! Consider reading the Canadian Kennel Club Deciding to Get a Dog article for important things to consider in researching breeders and their dogs. 


The LRCA does not endorse or recommend these breeders. If you elect to use this list, you are agreeing that any transaction between you and any of these individuals is strictly between you and these individuals. The LRCA is not responsible for any conflict that may occur. By use of this list, you are releasing the LRCA from any and all claims, damages, liability and expense.

sleeping puppy_edited.jpg
Nichole Boutilier
LilyWing Farm

Where quality lives. Black & yellow  puppies planned for late spring 2024
(e) lilywingfarm @ (no spaces)
Facebook @lilywingfarm


Cindy Drobot

(e) drobotc @ (no spaces)

Christine Grenier
Diamante Labradors

(e) christinegrenier @ (no spaces)

Instagram @diamante_labradors


Alayne Madill
Labralayne Labrador Retrievers

Quality purebred Labradors for any discipline in Black, Yellow and Chocolate
(c) 403-202-5114

Image (12).jpg
Lyndon Szott
Denlyn Labradors

(c) 780-781-0055

"Spright" LilyWings Sunshine Inspired, author Nichole Boutilier

Out for a walk, LilyWing Farm, author Nichole Boutilier


Finnegan, Diamante Labradors, author Christine Grenier

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